Shaping the Catholic School Difference: Embracing Christ’s Love

Throughout my two decades as an educator in Catholic schools, the question that I have been asked most frequently is, “What is the Catholic school difference?” I must confess that my response to this inquiry has evolved over the years, given my various roles within Catholic education. However, one constant in my answer remains unchanged: […]

Teaching Faith Across the Grade 6-12 Curriculum and Programs (1 of 6)

Written by Father Tom Simonds, S.J., NCEA Director of Secondary Engagement [email protected] Teaching the Catholic faith is everyone’s job in a Catholic school. Father Tom Simonds, S.J., will be writing a series of blog posts over the coming weeks to provide examples of how to do that. How can faculty develop lesson plans across the […]

Emerging Forms of Governance at Catholic Universities

Written by Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, CM, president of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. A new national study identifies new governance models emerging in Catholic higher education stemming from the downsizing and aging of founding religious congregations in the U.S.  For Catholic schools who also depend upon religious congregations for their sponsorship, these […]

Nurturing New Teachers: Fostering Mission-Driven Mentoring in a Catholic School

Written by Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Operations, NCEA, [email protected] Mentoring new teachers in a Catholic school is a rewarding responsibility that requires a thoughtful approach.  It’s also one of the most important things we can do in an environment that is increasingly competitive for top teaching talent. As school administrators, […]