2023-2024 Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment and Staffing

Amidst societal upheaval and educational instability, Catholic schools have emerged as beacons of stability, reversing years of enrollment decline. Faced with challenges such as technological shifts, demographic changes and the pandemic’s impact, these institutions have adapted strategically. This resilience underscores their enduring commitment to providing a grounded, faith-based education in a world that often seems in flux.

National Catholic School Principal’s Appreciation Day!

Written by Karen Barreras, Director of Leadership Engagement, NCEA, [email protected] Please remember to celebrate your school’s principal today! During a spelling lesson when I was in elementary school, my teacher gave us a clue to remember the difference between the words principle and principal. Simply, our principal could be remembered as being our “pal.” As […]

Why Participate in Federal Education Programs?

Written by Sr. Dale McDonald, Vice President of Public Policy, NCEA, [email protected] There are several federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities.  Among these there are two programs that most Catholic and other private schools participate […]