Committing to Cultural Responsiveness as a Catholic School Educator

The following blog was contributed by Betsy Okello, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, The Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program, University of Notre Dame. As Catholic school educators and leaders, committing to cultural responsiveness is not merely nice to do or an add on to our core curricula. It is essential to developing our students spiritually, academically, and […]

Supporting Refugees, Forcibly Displaced People and Migrants: The Role of Schools and Universities

The following blog was contributed by Quentin Wodon, World Bank & Loyola University New Orleans. A few days ago, UNHCR released its latest report on trends in global displacement. The report estimates that globally, 89.3 million people were forcibly displaced as of December 2021. This included 27.1 million refugees, 53.2 million internally displaced people (IDPs), […]