Emerging Forms of Governance at Catholic Universities

Written by Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, CM, president of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. A new national study identifies new governance models emerging in Catholic higher education stemming from the downsizing and aging of founding religious congregations in the U.S.  For Catholic schools who also depend upon religious congregations for their sponsorship, these […]

Marketing Essentials for Catholic Schools: Data, DCSW and Branding

The following blog was contributed by Beth Rucinski, NCEA Educational Content Coordinator. Our Catholic schools play a significant role in the education system, providing quality education that nurtures the whole person – academically, spiritually and socially. However, with the competition for enrollment increasing, it is essential to implement a strategic marketing plan to attract students […]

How Silos and Redundancies Impact Financial Sustainability in K-12 Private Schools

Redundancies and silos are some of the biggest threats to financial sustainability in private schools. Redundancy can take many forms, from software redundancy—when different departments are using different software for the same purpose—to the redundancy of efforts among people at the school. Silos are created when people or software work without consideration for other school […]

Navigating the Employee Retention Tax Credit

The following blog was contributed by Frank Clement, director of strategic partnerships at America’s Christian Credit Union. Virtually every school, parish and diocese in America was financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider the now-familiar experience of schools like Trinity Academy1: students were scheduled to return from spring break on March 23, 2020, but never […]

FACTS^SPACE and the Importance of Community in Education

The following blog was contributed by Courtney Haindel, product marketing manager and FACTS^SPACE community manager at FACTS. Whether through their personal lives or careers, most people eventually realize that things are easier if you’re not doing them alone. We see this every year at our annual user conference, FACTS Elevate, as attendees start organizing casual […]