FACTS^SPACE and the Importance of Community in Education

The following blog was contributed by Courtney Haindel, product marketing manager and FACTS^SPACE community manager at FACTS. Whether through their personal lives or careers, most people eventually realize that things are easier if you’re not doing them alone. We see this every year at our annual user conference, FACTS Elevate, as attendees start organizing casual […]

Sadlier Celebrates Catholic Schools

Celebrate Catholic Schools WeekAn annual tradition since 1974, Catholic schools across the nation commemorate Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with celebrations, Masses, open houses, and activities for students, families, parishioners, and community members. These events showcase and celebrate the rich traditions and the incredible value of Catholic education on both a local and national level. Each […]


The following blog was contributed by Lincoln Snyder, the new president/CEO of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). Parents don’t just want their children to be happy; they want their children to be heroes.  One of the most distinct memories from my sixth grade year at St. John Vianney in Rancho Cordova, California was my […]

The smart way to support your school all year round: gift card fundraising by ShopWithScrip

The following blog was contributed byShopWithScrip, the #1 online fundraiser supporting Catholic schools and thousands more organizations across the U.S. Whether your school needs funds for family tuition, classroom enhancements, class trips, or a combination of things, gift card fundraising is the best way to achieve your fundraising goals. The school year is wrapping up […]

10 Lessons to Heed in Achieving School Financial Sustainability

The institutional knowledge of Habeeb and Associates Architects can help your school begin to map out financial sustainability. H & A Architects specializes in educational design and puts a spotlight on 10 things your school can be thinking about for the coming school year beginning with a “healthy building” and classroom designs that encourage student engagement. […]