Five Decisions That Demand High-Quality Assessment Data

The following blog was contributed by NWEA. Many conditions that contribute to student skill and knowledge gaps are beyond an educator’s control. Learners bring to the classroom outside factors such as socioeconomic status, vocabulary deficits, and even past traumas. The obstacles are real but not impossible to overcome. A 2018 NWEA® study examined the connection between school […]

Effectively Using ESEA Title III, Part A Programs for English Language Learners

The following blog was contributed by Dale McDonald, PBVM, Ph.D., NCEA Vice President of Public Policy.   Do you have English Language Learners in your Catholic school? Have you heard of Title III-A?  As Catholic school educators engage in their mission to serve all students, it is important our private schools receive the aid they are […]

How Catholic Educators Can Allocate Their EANS II Funding

“Education is in fact the primary vehicle of integral human development, for it makes individuals free and responsible…The pandemic prevented many young people from attending school to the detriment of their personal and social development.” – Pope Francis, Address to the Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Holy See, January 10, 2022 Whenever federal funds are made […]

How Catholic Schools are Strategizing to Address Learning Loss

The following blog was contributed by FACTS Education Solutions in Lincoln, NE. Год пролетел так быстро. Прежде чем вы это узнаете, снова наступит сезон отпусков. Хотя еще может быть немного рано ставить елку, никогда не рано подумать, что вы хотите на Рождество. Некоторым членам семьи нравится начинать делать покупки пораньше, поэтому вам, возможно, придется найти […]