Teaching Faith Across the Grades 6-12 Curriculum and Programs: Religious Education

Written by Father Tom Simonds, S.J., Director of Secondary Engagement, NCEA, [email protected]. In this blog, through six separate posts, I will be sharing how faculty can develop teaching strategies across the curriculum and across programs using the Four Pillars of the Catechism and other curriculum guides. In this post, I will focus on religious education. […]

Advent for Kids: Practical tips for engaging students

Written by Stacy McNerney, Partner Success Lead, Hallow, [email protected] Children often enjoy a magical–and meaningful–experience in the weeks leading up to Christmas, thanks to trusted adults in their lives. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and more play a critical role helping children embrace the excitement of preparing for Jesus’s birth. However, many everyday holiday activities are more […]

National Catholic School Principal’s Appreciation Day!

Written by Karen Barreras, Director of Leadership Engagement, NCEA, [email protected] Please remember to celebrate your school’s principal today! During a spelling lesson when I was in elementary school, my teacher gave us a clue to remember the difference between the words principle and principal. Simply, our principal could be remembered as being our “pal.” As […]