Why Participate in Federal Education Programs?

Written by Sr. Dale McDonald, Vice President of Public Policy, NCEA, [email protected] There are several federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities.  Among these there are two programs that most Catholic and other private schools participate […]

Hallow Launches Brand New Kids’ Prayer, Curriculum and Daily Virtue to Assist Teachers

Written by Stephen Spiewak, Hallow, [email protected] Pope Francis once said that “no teacher is ever alone: they always share their work with other colleagues and the entire educational community to which they belong.” Hallow is proud to support the vital work of Catholic educators with the launch of Kids’ Prayers, Curriculum and Daily Virtue. The […]

Catholic School Students Making a Difference in Their Community

What happens in schools and communities when empathy and compassion take center stage?  In the bustling city of Nashville, where sweet music fills every street corner, two remarkable second-grade students at Overbrook Catholic School, Evelyn Thallemer and Matilda Crosswy, tirelessly crafted 2,500 beaded bracelets with a mission deeply rooted in compassion and guided by what […]

Shaping the Catholic School Difference: Embracing Christ’s Love

Throughout my two decades as an educator in Catholic schools, the question that I have been asked most frequently is, “What is the Catholic school difference?” I must confess that my response to this inquiry has evolved over the years, given my various roles within Catholic education. However, one constant in my answer remains unchanged: […]

Teaching Faith Across the Grade 6-12 Curriculum and Programs: Math

Written by Father Tom Simonds, S.J., NCEA Director of Secondary Engagement [email protected] Teaching the Catholic faith is everyone’s job in a Catholic school. Father Tom Simonds, S.J., will be writing a series of blog posts over the coming weeks to provide examples of how to do that. How can faculty develop lesson plans across the […]