Monthly Message from NCEA President – September 2015



Another faith-filled and academically excellent school year is upon us!

NCEA has kicked off the school year with our new organizational structure to carry out our mission to Lead, Learn and Proclaim. New staff members have joined the association, bringing fresh ideas and great enthusiasm. Having recently upgraded our technology infrastructure, we have now begun in earnest to improve our website and outreach to members. We are working on a new logo and an expanded marketing program. And of course, work has already begun to select the very best session offerings for the 2016 NCEA Convention in San Diego.

We are looking forward to the Holy Father’s visit to the United States this month. I have no doubt that it will be a remarkable experience for us as Catholic school educators. It will certainly be marked by several “firsts” – the first canonization to take place in America and the first time a pope has addressed a joint session of Congress. We will be sharing special resources around the visit throughout the month. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @NCEATalk and Facebook NCEAorg for updates.

NCEA has also been responsive to Pope Francis’s call to the church and to the world to be good stewards of God’s creation. We encourage all schools to participate in our community project, “Catholic Schools: Stewards of our Common Home” by pledging and sharing your stories showcasing how they are acting as good stewards of the environment through service, conservation and prayer. NCEA will be accepting submissions for this community project through October 23, 2015. Please fill out this form to be included.

Throughout the school year, NCEA will be providing updates, sharing resources and soliciting our members’ feedback through letters, blog posts and videos on NCEA Talk. Superintendents, please share this information with your principals; principals please share this information with your teachers. Together, we are achieving great things in Catholic school education.