Saint Paul’s School Monarch Butterfly Rescue Grant Program April Update

This post was contributed by Ann Pfalzgraf, NCEA Monarch Grant Program Teacher Leader.

It has been a busy month for us here at St. Paul’s School in Covington, LA. We do hope that all will enjoy and we hope that the public may learn something about monarch butterflies from our video!

Most of the month was spent on preparing for the video shoot. Roles were assigned, research was conducted, and visuals were created.  A huge thanks goes out to John Myers from our video graphics class that helped us with the video!

Our garden is now complete!!  We now have to patiently await for the milkweed to grown and the butterflies to appear!

As you can see, our garden has taken off!  We have had a very rainy month, so our plants are growing quite quickly.  Our Asclepsia tuberosa has grown and is filling out nicely.  Our  Coreopsis lanceolata is blooming…hopefully we will see its yellow flowers soon!


Stay tuned for the latest edition of St. Paul’s Paper Wolf digital news story about their progress. The story will be shared on their Facebook page as well as St. Paul’s Environmental Wolves page located under the Student Life tab, under Environmental Science..

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Saint Paul’s School in Covington, Louisiana, is a recipient of the NCEA Monarch Rescue Grant.  Grantee schools will share monthly updates on their efforts in researching, planning, building, and maintaining the very best monarch-friendly butterfly gardens possible.  They will monitor the success or failure of the garden, learning from problems they encounter to plan improvements in subsequent years.  Most important, the developing learning modules will incorporate Catholic social teaching on stewardship of the resources God has provided us.

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