Nationwide Kahoot – Celebrating Your Students

The following post was contributed by Erin Galley, Teacher at St. Cecelia School in Clearwater, Florida.

Imagine a world where the classroom expands beyond the hallway, beyond the campus, and into other schools.  Catholic Schools Week is a time for students to celebrate their Catholic Education and faith.  I attended Catholic Schools since I was in kindergarten and every year we celebrated Catholic Schools Week in our classroom and in our school.  It wasn’t until I was teaching in a Catholic School that I realized the magnitude of the week.  We have time set aside to celebrate and share our faith!  The classroom and school celebrations are vital and fun, but imagine if we could help our students share their faith beyond our campus.  Think of the power and the pride they would be able to feel as they realized that thousands of other students are doing the exact same thing across the nation.  This Catholic Schools Week let’s share our faith across the nation and the world.


As Catholic Schools, we are part of a global community.  Through technology we have the ability to interact with other classes and schools and help our students to make connections.  This year we are organizing our 3rd annual Catholic Schools Week Collaboration and Kahoot.  We have had hundreds of students participate in the past and would like to see that number grow even more.

If you are who you should be, you will set your whole world on fire. – St. Catherine of Sienna

The process is simple.  Click on the link here and sign up  On Thursday February 1st 2018 we will be having 2 sessions facilitated through Zoom, the first will be at 9:30 AM and the second will be at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.  Students will be able to participate in a game about our Catholic Faith through the Website Kahoot.  Zoom will become a shared classroom for all participants and we will be able to compete against each other in the Kahoot game.  We are also asking for your participation through the week.  Please post pictures and share ideas on the Padlet Wall throughout Catholic Schools Week.  All of the technology used in these activities is free.  If you need support please feel free to email me (Erin Galley) [email protected] or Fran Siracusa [email protected].

This year, let’s let our students see that across the nation and the world there are people who share their beliefs and values and who wear plaid uniforms! Please prayerfully consider joining this activity.  Don’t let technology concerns stop you, we will provide as much support as possible. Thank you for all that you do for our students!

Schools celebrate students during National Catholic Schools Week by planning enjoyable and meaningful activities for them and recognizing their accomplishments.