The smart way to support your school all year round: gift card fundraising by ShopWithScrip

The following blog was contributed byShopWithScrip, the #1 online fundraiser supporting Catholic schools and thousands more organizations across the U.S. Whether your school needs funds for family tuition, classroom enhancements, class trips, or a combination of things, gift card fundraising is the best way to achieve your fundraising goals.

The school year is wrapping up soon, but your fundraising revenue streams don’t have to take the summer off. If there was an easy way to raise money all year round and grow your bottom line, why wouldn’t you?

With gift card fundraising by ShopWithScrip, families can raise money anytime, anywhere—whether they’re buying groceries, grabbing a coffee, or filling up their gas tank for a summer road trip.

How does gift card fundraising work?

Families use the website or mobile app to buy gift cards for their everyday purchases, and the brands they shop give back to your school. They can earn on gas, groceries, clothing, dining, entertainment, and travel to create more opportunities for your students. Tip: Gift cards also make great end-of-year gifts for teachers.

750+ brands available including:

  • The Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Starbucks
  • Panera Bread
  • Visa

Why choose gift card fundraising?

  • Convenience: It’s easy, on-the-go earning. Families can buy eGift cards right from their smartphones and use them right away to pay online or in-store. Plus, select physical gift cards can be delivered directly to their doorsteps. Many gift cards are reloadable so families can keep earning with the same ones.   
  • Save time, save money: Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional fundraisers—there’s no need to spend hours selling things, knocking on doors, or planning events. Plus, families don’t have to pay additional money from their own pockets. See more specifics about time and money savings in this comparison chart.
  • The opportunities are limitless: Many families earn $1,000 or more every year. Discover how much money your school could raise with the earnings calculator.

“I have been fundraising with gift cards for the last six years. As the mother of two children enrolled in parochial school, the cost of tuition can become a financial burden. These earnings have saved us thousands of dollars over the years. The best part is that the gift cards are used for items that we would purchase anyway! It’s a win-win for our family.”

– Cristina L., raises money for Holy Parish Catholic School

Now is a great time to get started. With the end of the school year approaching, families can give gift cards to their teachers to say thanks—while supporting your school. Learn more and start a free program today at The ShopWithScrip Customer Support team can help if you have any questions, please call (800) 727-4715 Option 3.