Five Steps to Renewing Your Convention Vows

The following blog was contributed by Laura MacDonald, NCEA Director of Professional Learning. 

I take copious pages of notes, snap several pictures, and obtain ideas for Monday, the upcoming semester and the next three years!  Conventions are a time for new thinking, reviewing the latest resources and to be recharged, so why is my head spinning and I need a nap? There has got to be a better way to experience a convention!

Something old, something new, something… You know the rest of this century old rhyme, right? Whether you’re a first timer, or a convention connoisseur here are five steps to a better convention and a better you!

#1 Something Old

You may be reminded of a strategy you formally used and moved away from for whatever reason. Jot it down, maybe it’s time to try it again.

#2 Something New

Bring back something to elevate your practice and support student learning. That’s right, you don’t need to leave the convention with a dozen theories. If you bring back one specific innovation that you are excited about you are more likely to implement it successfully.

#3 Something Borrowed

Find a tool or resource that is perfect to take back to colleagues at school.  This “borrowed resource” might be just what someone on your staff was looking for and make their day.

#4 Something YOU

I know, it’s something blue and if you want to acquire something blue, then you do YOU! See where I’m going with this? If you need to sprawl out in the middle of the hotel bed in complete silence or connect with new friends over cocktails who understand what you are going through, this is your convention. Fill your bucket and rediscover your passion.

#5 Plan ahead

A bride wouldn’t head down the aisle without a plan and neither should you. Note keynote locations, check exhibit hall event hours and review the session choices to predetermine a few favorites at each session time.

You are now five steps closer to a happier encounter and certain to wrap up your week with no wedding regrets!

Heading to NCEA 2024?

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