Another ETP Success Story: IT and STEM at St. Teresa’s

Author: Lucas Ostrowski, Founder & CEO

Email: [email protected] 


When the technology teacher at St. Teresa of Calcutta Education Center announced their retirement, principal Robin John knew it would be tricky to find a replacement. Recruiting and hiring a new technology teacher was one of Robin John’s first tasks as the new principal, and it was a big one.

St. Teresa of Calcutta wasn’t only maintaining existing education technology – they were also expanding and preparing to open a second building with new classroom technology and STEM resources. Who could provide school IT services, teach K-8 STEM curriculum and design a new school technology plan? The school’s location in rural Pennsylvania added another layer of complexity.

After months of advertising, searching and interviewing, the teaching position was still open. Principal Robin John realized that traditional hiring methods wouldn’t work, and she started searching for a new solution.

Education & Technology Professionals, LLC (ETP) popped up as a possible option, and she wondered if the offer was too good to be true. Could ETP really staff the school with a competent teacher who also doubles as a skilled IT technician?

Principal Robin John was intrigued, so she called administrators at two local schools to get more information about what ETP had done for them. Roman Catholic High School (Philadelphia, PA) and Mater Dei Catholic School (Lansdale, PA) confirmed exactly what she needed to know: ETP comes through on its promises. With ETP, IT and STEM really do go hand in hand.

ETP’s Founder and CEO, Lucas Ostrowski, walked the school’s administration and volunteer tech support team through the entire transition process. Principal Robin John was relieved to pass off the task to ETP, knowing that their team could find the perfect fit.

ETP hired and trained James “Jim” Vishio – a seasoned IT professional with an interest in teaching. At St. Teresa of Calcutta, Jim’s everyday tasks vary from troubleshooting network access points and completing 3D printer setups to teaching coding for kids. Jim says, “The best part of my job is watching new ideas ‘click’ after a pep talk and practice! I love guiding students from a state of confusion or frustration to understanding.”

Jim’s K-8 technology classes cover a wide range of topics with tech-centered life skills. Typing and coding are pillars of ETP’s STEM curriculum, paired with digital productivity and digital citizenship. The company’s growing STEM resource library is already making a difference at St. Teresa’s, and ETP has even more planned for the 2023-2024 school year. Most recently, ETP has invested in Sphero robotics kits and DJI Drone technology.

Coming from the world of IT, ETP knows just how important it is to avoid downtime and plan for backups. Jim is independent and reliable, but the school also benefits from ETP’s substitutes, backend support and additional STEM resources. Three ETP executives – Lucas, Andros and Jonathon – have been highly accessible and active on campus at St. Teresa of Calcutta. Principal Robin John has appreciated their willingness to come in for meetings, install complex equipment and teach classes as needed.

ETP strives to be a resource for the entire campus and parish, not just the school building. St. Teresa of Calcutta leans on ETP as a resource for IT equipment purchasing, installation and support. Now, ETP is in a position to help the school plan and grow with the best new technology and IT staff.

Principal Robin John recently shared a glowing recommendation, saying, “The IT support we continue to receive is exceptional. ETP staff are always willing to help find IT solutions and develop new ideas that enhance our school technology program. With the support of ETP, we plan to see even more student growth and STEM integrations in the future!”

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