Soar Like An Eagle: To Our Teachers

Written by Laura MacDonald, Director of Professional Learning, NCEA, [email protected]

Mom would put me to bed earlier than usual on the first day back to school after the summer break; I could barely sleep the night before school. I stepped onto campus hesitantly in my clean white sneakers, armed with a backpack filled with new school supplies. The love of my firmly sharpened pencils and untarnished multi-color crayon box should have been a hint I would become an educator. My stomach filled with butterflies!

Years later, my mentor teacher provided inspiration as I prepared for my very first class as a teacher. “You will soar into your classroom,” she said. I imagined a majestic eagle gracefully floating onto campus.

When that day arrived, I could barely sleep. I could hear the clicking of my new heels as I approached my classroom door. I was armed with my work bag and carefully prepared plans for the year. “Be an eagle, be an eagle,” I thought. In my stomach, only the feeling of those nectar-feeding insects!

I did everything I could to prepare for my students, but each back-to-school day came again and again, AND that first-day jitter never went away. I eventually realized butterflies weren’t a sign of poor preparation; they were a beautiful reminder of my commitment and heartfelt affection!

They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength,

they will soar on eagles’ wings;

They will run and not grow weary,

walk and not grow faint.

Isaiah 40:31

As you approach your new year, may you soar into your classroom, butterflies and all!