Catholic Education: A Community That Works Together

Gonzalo Aemilius, a Uruguayan priest and long-time friend of Pope Francis, visited the Vatican and was given an iPad from Francis “to do with whatever he considered appropriate,” Spanish news agency EFE reported.

With buzz circulating around the world, a Montevideo auction house is hoping to receive bids of at least $40,000 for the iPad used by Pope Francis in efforts to raise money for Liceo Francisco, a Catholic high school in Paysandu – located in northwest Uruguay.

The iPad and a certificate of authenticity from the Vatican are scheduled to be auctioned on April 14 with proceeds from the auction to be used to expand the school facility and to build a multi-sport center for the students. However, if the bids do not reach at least $40,000, the iPad will not be sold.

“The device works and has engraved text that reads “Su Santidad Francisco” and “Vatican Internet service,” with the date March 2013, the auction house said. Click here for more information. 

Catholic education, a community that works together to succeed.