NCEA Appoints New Directors to Develop New and Innovative Programs for Catholic School Educators

Professional Development and Leadership Teams will work to refocus NCEA mission to Lead, Learn and Proclaim for Catholic schools

NCEA has announced the appointment of two new directors. Pamela Bernards, Ed.D. will serve as the Director of Professional Development and James Pavlacka will serve as the Director of Leadership Development. With the appointment of these new positions, NCEA will continue its commitment to Catholic school education and refocus its mission to lead, learn and proclaim.

“Catholic school education is facing both exciting and challenging times. With NCEA’s new focus on Catholic school education, Pamela and James will provide leadership and direction for Catholic educators nationwide,” said NCEA President Brother Robert Bimonte.

As the Director of Professional Development, Pamela Bernards will lead NCEA’s efforts to provide a state of the art, 21st-century professional development program for Catholic school teachers. Bernards will be responsible for setting the vision and priorities of the Professional Development team at NCEA.

In acknowledgment of her appointment, Pamela Bernards says, “I am honored to serve as the new Director of Professional Development and look forward to working with and supporting teachers in their vocation as Catholic school educators. Together we can ensure learning environments that integrate the Catholic faith in a rigorous academic program that ultimately prepares students for 21st Century leadership within the Church and a global society. “

As the Director of Leadership Development, James Pavlacka will lead NCEA’s efforts to develop and coordinate a state of the art, 21st century program to train and develop school leaders, including principals, presidents and pastors, governing bodies, as well as superintendents. Pavlacka will be responsible for setting the vision and priorities of the Leadership Development program at NCEA.

“This is an exciting and yet challenging time for Catholic schools across the country. NCEA has recognized this and has charted a new course and direction to support the challenges that our Catholic schools face. I am thrilled to be part of this new transformational focus and to work collaboratively with and support our nation’s pastors, presidents, principals, superintendents, and governing bodies in sustaining the viability and proud legacies of our Catholic schools and parishes and their leadership,” said James Pavlacka.

Pamela Bernards has served Catholic schools for over 30 years at the elementary and secondary levels in the Diocese of Knoxville, TN and the Diocese of Orlando, FL as well as an adjunct professor at St. Leo University. Pamela has done extensive work with curriculum development and teacher professional development. Her expertise along with her vision for 21st-century professional development for teachers that integrates Catholic teachings and religion across the curriculum align perfectly with NCEA’s renewed commitment to service Catholic school teachers in new and innovative ways.

James Pavlacka’s service to Catholic schools spans 30 years having served in leadership roles at both the elementary and secondary levels in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. His commitment to fostering the mission and vision of the schools he has served has resulted in growth and transformation in the schools. He brings extensive experience coordinating and leading leadership development for Catholic school leaders, as well as cultivating future leaders for Catholic schools. His diverse experiences and expertise position him to successfully lead and coordinate leadership programs for current and future Catholic school leaders.