Addressing the Wake of Problems Left in Communities Where Schools, Stores and Churches Close

The Chicago Sun-Times is the newspaper of record in the city hosting the NCEA 2019 Convention & Expo. Recently, an editorial was published pointing out the wake of problems left in communities where schools, stores and churches close. The editorial deftly explains this domino effect and then explores the important role Catholic schools and parishes […]

School Marketing for Non-Marketers

The following article was contrbuted by Tom Nagle, Chief Strategist at Growth School Enrollment. Stating the obvious, just as a parish cannot exist without its parishioners, a school cannot exist  without students and supportive families.  The cost to educate in Catholic Schools presents a challenge to many families of primary and secondary school students.  Non-Profit […]

Holy Spirit Catholic School students help provide clean water in Haiti

After tallying 2016 donations, Holy Spirit Catholic School collected $1,742, which provided life-saving water filters for 58 families in Haiti. As part of their preparation for the 2016 Christmas season, students at Holy Spirit Catholic School in Grand Rapids performed a corporal works of mercy and helped provide clean water for people in Haiti. Holy Spirit students […]

The Catholic School Open House

The following article was contributed by Anthony G. Sahadi, principal of St. Martin of Tours in Gaithersburg, MD. January 28th – February 3rd, 2018, we will showcase our American Catholic Schools with Catholic Schools Week – a week of celebrating and showcasing our Catholic Identity, academic excellence, and service. It is also a time to celebrate […]

November Public Policy Updates

Parental Choice: While a national tax credit bill for financial assistance to parents for school choice appears to be off the table for the present, the tax code revisions under consideration at present call for the expansion of 529 college savings accounts to include elementary and secondary school tuition up to $10,000 per year.  NCEA […]