Monthly Message from NCEA’s President – June 2015

Dear NCEA Members,

As our Catholic schools celebrate the end of another school year, I would like to thank all of you for your commitment to serve our Church through education. In the coming days, I hope you will take time to reflect on the many blessings you experienced this year – the blessings you shared with your colleagues and with your students.

The end of the academic year brings many emotions. For some, it marks a time of grieving for a school that will be closing its doors for the last time.  For others, it is a sense of achievement on successfully completing another year with students well prepared for the next step in their educational journey.  
Catholic schools are in a place of transformation. Whether you’re part of a school community that is closing, transitioning or continuing to grow, please know that NCEA is here to serve as a resource and a guide.

Last October, in response to a year-long research process and wide consultation, the NCEA Board of Directors unanimously decided to transform the future direction and structure of the association. We are now transitioning to serve you as a professional association whose focus is exclusively Catholic school education.  NCEA will lead, learn and proclaim by:
  • Developing current and future leaders;
  • Providing educational resources and strategically expanding professional development opportunities for those committed to the mission of Catholic education; and
  • Telling the good news story of Catholic schools.
As we all plan and organize during these summer months, I look forward to sharing more information about our new and exciting future.
With prayers and gratitude,
Brother Robert