In-depth expertise and smart solutions to help you focus on your Catholic Educational Mission

The following post was contributed by Karen Randazzo, RCM&D Educaton Practice Leader. As a new Corporate Partner, RCM&D offers unique resources for members.


RCM&D is proud to be one of the newest members of the NCEA’s Corporate Partner program.  We are committed to helping you make a difference in Catholic education by focusing on collaboration and providing unique resources and opportunities.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the education industry, RCM&D’s dedicated Education Practice can provide valuable and creative resources to NCEA members.  Our Education Practice understands the complex needs of Catholic educational institutions and can meet their challenges with customized strategic solutions and consulting for risk management, insurance and employee benefits.

RCM&D’s education resources and collaborative programs are designed to be flexible and are appropriate for every level of membership, including teachers, principals, pastors, superintendents and board members.  We can assist school leaders in better managing the business of their schools while minimizing potential risks.  We also provide critical information for individual educators through useful webinars on relevant topics, such as student transportation, social media, lab safety and facilities management.

We know that Catholic schools are faced with many challenges these days and that those challenges can monopolize resources, time and energy.  RCM&D’s consultative approach allows us to offer NCEA members individualized service to meet each school and educator’s unique needs.  We take the time to understand your institution and provide in-depth review, guidance and program implementation to minimize disruptions and allow you to focus on your educational mission.  By providing unique insight and innovative solutions, we can create sustainable strategies with measurable, meaningful outcomes.

RCM&D is aligned with the NCEA’s mission and acknowledges the importance of educational programs dedicated to the beliefs of the Catholic Church and we support the NCEA in its efforts to promote further initiatives that benefit Catholic education.  Our goal is to provide you with strategies, best practices and peer data that will help you thrive as an NCEA member, and we welcome the opportunity to extend our expertise and resources to you.

More about RCM&D:

RCM&D is ranked among the top independent insurance advisory firms in the United States. Our specialized teams provide strategic solutions and consulting for risk management, insurance and employee benefits. Leveraging 130 years of experience and strong local, national and global reach, we partner with you to meet all of your business objectives.

If you would like to connect with RCM&D, please contact Karen Randazzo, Education Practice Leader, at or 800.346.4075.