E-Rate Reminder

This post was contributed by Dale McDonald, PBVM, PhD, NCEA Director of Public Policy.

The 2016 E-Rate Application period opened on February 3 and will close on April 29.  Since almost 4 billion dollars will be available for discounted services, this is an opportunity to acquire or enhance broadband connectivity for classrooms. Every school should apply!

The E-rate site contains a new “File Along with Me” blog that uses a friendly, step-by-step approach to help schools apply for E-rate Program funding.  Check it out here. www.filealongwitherate.org

For the application process, USAC is utilizing a new E-rate information technology system and this is initial launch of a new may have some problems that will need to be addressed as they arise.

Meanwhile, it is important that applicants take all the important steps possible to prepare for the filing of the FCC Form 471, including posting an FCC Form 470 (as the FCC Form 470 has been available since July) and completing your competitive bidding process. Applicants are also encouraged to log on to EPC, make sure your profile information is accurate, and post your FCC Form 470 which must be available for 28 days before filing Form 471.

The best way to support your successful filing of your E-rate application is to start now with your account and user information. You can set up your account in the EPC Portal, assign user rights and establish or update your profile.

For more information on how to complete the tasks mentioned above, visit USAC’s Schools and Libraries website.