Respect Life Resources

Many schools across the country may be travelling to Washington D.C. this week for the March for Life or joining the cause in prayer.  Below are some resources to help you learn more about Catholic social teaching on respect life issues.

The March for Life is a pro-life movement that will take place on January 27th in Washington DC.  Even if you can’t attend, their site provides information and resources to discuss pro-life issues in your classroom.

9 Days for Life is a program created by the USCCB to join people in prayer and action to promote the sanctity of human life.  You can download a free app and shareable resources via this site.

Catholic Social Teaching 101: Life and Dignity of the Human Person is a video provided by Catholic Relief Services.

Catholic Mobilizing Network is an organization that works to end the use of the death penalty.  It provides current news and information about what the Church says about the death penalty and what is happening across the United States.

Catholic Climate Covenant promotes care for creation and care for the poor.   You can find educational resources on their site.

Evangelium Vitae:  A Papal Encyclical by St. John Paul II discussing issues related to the sanctity of human life.

The Forming of Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility: Developed by the USCCB, this resource provides guidance in understanding the political responsibilities we are called to as Catholics.