The National Catholic Educational Association and Dr. Tim Uhl Partner to Present “Catholic School Matters”

Podcast, blog and eNewsletter series offers insight from thought leaders in Catholic education

The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is pleased to announce a unique partnership with Dr. Timothy Uhl, superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools, for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Dr. Uhl is the creator of “Catholic School Matters,” a weekly podcast, newsletter and blog for Catholic school leaders and educators. Catholic School Matters offers a host of subjects related to Catholic education. Season two of the podcast will drop August 28, 2017, with Father Tim Scully, co-founder of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Teaching Program at Notre Dame.

“NCEA’s mission is to provide top-notch professional development and resources to our members. Dr. Uhl’s podcast, newsletter and blog have been very well received by Catholic school leaders and educators across the country,” said NCEA President/CEO Dr. Thomas Burnford. “The guests and discussions have been timely and relevant to mutual learning and growth among Catholic school leaders in the United States. NCEA is happy to present our members with the opportunity to benefit from this partnership.”

Dr. Uhl’s thought-provoking interviews and discussion topics focus on bright spots and challenges in Catholic education. The Catholic School Matters podcast debuted September 26, 2016, with Dr. Burnford as the first guest talking about the state of Catholic schools. There were 55 more podcasts to follow along with companion blog posts and newsletters.

Dr. Uhl said, I’m grateful to start the new school year with the support of NCEA for Catholic School Matters. My goal is for everyone who listens to the podcast and reads the newsletter to walk away with new ideas and useful ways of thinking to improve our Catholic schools.

Catholic School Matters is already listened to and followed by many Catholic school educators. One teacher recently posted an online comment about Catholic School Matters, saying, “It always reminds me that the Catholic Church, and thereby our Catholic schools, are universal. There is commonality in the strengths and challenges of Catholic education throughout the world. The guests are involved in Catholic education in a wide variety of ways, but I find something to relate to as a Catholic school teacher in every podcast.”

The blog schedule will be Mondays – Fridays and accessible on the NCEA blog,, under the tab “Catholic School Matters.” The weekly newsletter will be distributed on Mondays to all NCEA members. The newsletters will include Top 5 — Dr. Uhl’s picks of newsworthy topics, Catholic school news and relevant links and a look at the podcast schedule for the upcoming week.

Listen to archived episodes of the Catholic School Matters podcasts from 2016 – 2017.