Could anyone nourish anger against another and expect healing from the LORD?

For this September 17th issue, I return to the more traditional newsletter approach with a short blog and four separate sections.  In my blog, I point out that ESSA is now in effect which will probably mean more Title dollars for you.  I suggest identifying priorities for how you will spend this new allocation before the money becomes part of your regular budget and I identified one suggestion (the spring NCEA conference) and two providers who can help with focused professional development.

I have provided a lot of articles because I’m finally catching up to all the articles that I curated over the summer.  Next week I’ll be providing a special issue on classroom management.

This week’s Top 5:

  1. In the Leadership section, the first article details the story of one school which ditched its award ceremonies. The next two articles build on this theme with stories about ending behavior rewards and the importance of relationships.
  2. The fourth article in that section offers suggestions to principals “Simple Ways to Support Your Faculty.” The next two articles follow this theme with articles on principal best practices and “2 Practices That Increase Faculty Retention.”
  3. The first article in the Teaching & Learning section focuses on attention. Rarely do I run into research-based articles about student attention and this one is superb.
  4. The second article in that same section focuses on “Teens Knee-Deep in Negativity.” It’s a great sociological study of what many of our students are dealing with AND it provides concrete suggestions for parents and teachers.
  5. In the Miscellaneous section, the first two articles focus on DACA. The second one (Larry Ferlazzo’s blog) is especially rich.

Have a great week!