Episode 080: Catholic Schools Market Research – Jennifer Robbins

Dr. Tim Uhl, superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools, interviews thought leaders in Catholic education and discusses the future of Catholic schools in America.

Jennifer Robbins, the CEO of Mayhill Strategies, joins Dr. Tim Uhl on the Catholic School Matters podcast from NCEA’s Catholic Leadership Summit in Tempe to reveal the findings of the nation-wide market research study which she conducted over the past two years.

There is both a need and an opportunity for Catholic schools to fill a void.

“A curriculum today focused on religious instruction alone does not drive parents consideration of school today… Catholic schools traditionally are not known for promoting themselves or talking about all of the wonderful things they offer…” states Jennifer Robbins. While this podcast will not cover the entire presentation, it will answer the questions of “What do people think about Catholic schools?” and  “What do our parents want?”

To listen to this podcast featuring nine significant takeaways from the Market Research Study, please click here.

This marketing research push marks a willingness to confront the brutal facts and realities of our Catholic schools.  The challenge has been issued to Catholic schools to understand their customers, for schools to understand their situations, etc.  Like Pope Francis who wants leaders “smelling like the sheep,” this marketing research should put us out into the margins.