Assessment Data and Marketing Catholic Schools

The following article was contributed by Chyrise King MBA, P.D., Associate Superintendent for Marketing and Enrollment Department of Catholic School in the Diocese of San Jose.

As you know, assessment data can provide a way to monitor student progress and make data-informed decisions. In our session we will show you how you can use that same data to market your school.

The one thing parents know about your school is that it’s Catholic. What they probably don’t understand is your commitment to providing quality academics and using assessment data to measure student progress. Parents are savvier than ever when choosing a school for their child. You can tell families about how you use data to measure student progress and make adjusts as necessary or you can show them how well that strategy works in your school. You can convey to families how your school’s assessment scores compare to the other schools in your area or you can show them using a graph in your marketing materials.

We look forward to presenting this information to you in Philadelphia so you can return home and use these strategies to market your school. See you in Philly.

2018 NCEA New Directions Assessment Conference

June 18-20, 2018
The Inn at Penn, A Hilton Hotel
3600 Sansom Street I Philadelphia, PA 19104
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

The 2018 NCEA New Directions Assessment Conference (Assessment 2018) will provide top level education on how Catholic schools can implement a comprehensive assessment program to monitor student progress and inform decision-making regarding instructional programs. Register today!