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Last Tuesday, I had the privilege to witness the installation of Bishop George Leo Thomas as the 3rd Bishop of Las Vegas.  My former boss from Helena made a powerful call to the vision of Vatican II and becoming a church which challenges us all to holiness.  On my way home, I began reading the engrossing biography and memoir of Daniel Berrigan, SJ At Play in the Lions’ Den.  When he described the actions of the Catonsville Nine—who chose not to run away but rather to sit and claim their act of protest—Berrigan said to his co-conspirators, “Don’t just do something, stand there” (118).  We are called to action and we are also called to stand still.

This, the final newsletter of 2017-18, is me standing here.  It’s impossible to sum up all the work of this past year and this spring specifically.  But I’ve tried to give you a taste of each issue by including the most popular and my favorite link from each issue.  The most popular issue was January’s edition spotlighting innovative models in American Catholic schools, the most popular blog was from Dr. Erin Barisano (the superintendent-elect for the Diocese of Orange) who wrote a piece on Educating Together, the 2007 Vatican document on Education, and the most popular podcast was my podcast conversation with Fr. Gene Merz, SJ.

I’ve kept up my habit of reading a book a week and honestly believe Berrigan’s biography will turn out to be my favorite.  Since January I’ve driven over 12k miles, flown over 29k miles, visited Nevada (twice), California (twice), Virginia, Ohio (twice), Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington, DC.  I’ve chaired three school visits and served on a system team visit.  Here is the rundown of this spring’s newsletters:

So that’s my effort to provide good resources for Catholic school leaders and to challenge our paradigms in order to improve our professional practice.  I imagine I’ll be standing here for a few weeks and then will begin curating for next year.  Have a great summer!

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Top 5:

This week, I wrap up the school year of Catholic School Matters by providing a “Best Of” the spring.  I’ll include links to each one of the issues along with the most popular and my favorite link from each of the 17 issues.  How to choose the Top 5?  I chose the 5 times that the most popular link was also my favorite.

As I was preparing this issue this morning, an article from Mind/Shift appeared extolling the virtues of the House system in public schools.  Two weeks ago, I highlighted the Catholic roots of the system and explored how the House system is helping to build community in our Catholic schools.  Now it serves as another example of how our Catholic schools are continuing to shape education in this country.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

That’s a wrap on 2017-18.  Have a great close of the school year and a restful summer!