St. Mary School 2018 STREAM Expo Winners

St. Mary School in Vineland, NJ is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts & Math) Expo winners.  All middle school students were given an assignment to complete that incorporated language arts, technology, science, math and religion. Each grade was given a different assignment to complete. Students from St. Augustine Prep, Our Lady of Mercy Academy and

St. Joseph’s High School served as the judges. All entries were judged on an oral presentation from students to determine their knowledge and understanding; review of their written paper; use of technology; creativity; scientific content and Catholic identity.

The following lists the names of winners by grade and a brief description of each assignment. The photographs shown are of the first place winners from each grade.

8th grade:  researched the physics, engineering & operation of rollercoasters; designed a web-page to show their understanding and then built a working roller-coaster.

1st Place: Ava Kelly, Alice Cawley, Jesse Buono, & Lucas Merighi (Photo)

2nd Place: Sam Bachinsky, Liam Barrett, Timothy Kubiak, Brittney Larcher, & Aubrey Presgraves

3rd Place: Anne Gardiner, Julian Garriga, Anthony Infranco & Ivy Jaep

7th grade: completed an experiment of their choosing; researched the topic; determined a research question; determined the outcome; wrote a research paper; created a “Thing-Link” for their oral presentation; tied in a Bible verse that related to the experiment.

1st Place: Lucas Jimenez (Photo)

2nd Place: Douglas Farinaccio & Connor Lamanteer

3rd Place: Francesca Knight

6th grade: researched a space science topic; wrote a paper; created an art piece that included motion and had to tie into the school theme this year (Walk by Faith, Not by Sight.) to explore the motion of God in our world; and created a music video on the topic.  Some 6th grade students worked with a green screen to create their videos.

1st Place: Nicholas Scaffidi, Vincent Corona, & Sean Buono (photo above)

2nd Place: Parker Lapsley

3rd Place: Luke Grippo, Stephen Horvath, & Megan Poloff

5th grade: researched ecosystems; wrote a research paper; built an ecosystem model that included motion to tie in our school theme and to explore the motion of God in our world; and create a Prezi (a web based Power Point program) for their oral presentation.

1st Place: The Frozen Tundra: Catherine Brooks & Lena Giamboy (Photo)

2nd Place:  The Mixed Forest: Ava Anderson & Addison Mello

3rd Place: The Ocean Trench:  Santino Scaffidi

If you would like to find out more about the STREAM Academy and St. Mary School, feel free to contact the Advancement Office at 856-692-8537 x 324 and ask for Mrs. Carol Kirchman.