CLS and NSA: “Building Connections, Sustaining Commitments and Inspiring Leaders.”

Written by Karen Barreras, Director of Leadership Engagement, NCEA, [email protected]

The Catholic Leadership Summit (CLS) is quickly approaching in beautiful Raleigh, NC, from October 22-25, 2023. The New Superintendents Academy (NSA) is from October 21-22, 2023. Registration is open! It is important to look forward to the opportunities the 2023-2024 school year holds. The theme for CLS is “Building Connections, Sustaining Commitments and Inspiring Leaders.”

Years ago, as a new superintendent, I vividly recall both my joy and trepidation while facing this chapter in my life. I always remembered the wisdom of a mentor who said, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” CLS taught me a bit more about what I knew and much more about what I did not even begin to know. So, here you are! CLS and/or NSA are designed specifically for you: school network leaders, superintendents, assistant superintendents, associate superintendents, members of CHESCS, NNAC, CAAC and others with these roles and responsibilities. CLS is preceded by NSA, and both are amazing! New superintendents should attend both events because of the rich knowledge and messages of faith that will help to sustain you in the important years ahead.

CLS allowed me the chance to get a glimpse of the bigger picture of Catholic school leadership from the superintendent and school network leaders’ perspective. While each arch/diocese is unique, we have more in common than we might imagine. As a superintendent, CLS was the one event I made every effort to attend each year! I was able to educate myself. It was here that I could learn about trends, explore new concepts, hear about the best ways to further the mission of Catholic education and especially build relationships with people who had similar experiences and challenges. We understood each other and spoke the same language. The opportunity to connect is now available for the entire year with our like-size arch/diocese PLCs and New Superintendent Academy PLCs.

This year’s events are going to be incredibly meaningful, too. Key topics include Hispanic/Latino engagement; the hiring and formation of teachers and leaders; and NCEA’s evergreen themes of data, public policy and Catholic identity. Many of our own superintendents and peers are joining us as presenters during panel discussions and breakout sessions, so they can share with you their unique personal growth and perspectives on timely and relevant issues, such as evangelization, faith formation of students, staff and families, social media, AI and technology, balancing life and superintendency, strategic planning, governance structures, assessment, academi recovery, school choice, marketing, advancement and partnerships to name but a few of the possibilities.

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Karen Barreras

Director of Leadership Engagement