FACTS^SPACE and the Importance of Community in Education

The following blog was contributed by Courtney Haindel, product marketing manager and FACTS^SPACE community manager at FACTS. Whether through their personal lives or careers, most people eventually realize that things are easier if you’re not doing them alone. We see this every year at our annual user conference, FACTS Elevate, as attendees start organizing casual […]

Turning Summer Learning Loss into Learning Gains

Summer learning loss, summer slide—these familiar terms describe the loss of learning over the summer from the prior school year because of the lengthy absence from school. On top of that, we are now (unfortunately) dealing with COVID learning loss, which still lingers as a result of school disruptions and prolonged virtual learning. Combined, this […]

Three Common Myths About Standards-Based Grading – Debunked

The following blog was contributed by David Specht, Otus Senior EdTech Copywriter. For over 100 years, the grades in our schools have not communicated what students have learned. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Those are the findings that Susan M. Brookhart and her colleagues reported in their 2016 research, “A Century of Grading Research: Meaning […]

The 5 Elements of Data-Driven Instruction

Through data-driven instruction (DDI), teachers regularly gather and analyze data from both formative and summative assessments to glean insights into how well their students are understanding and mastering the material. That teacher then uses the insights that the data provides to adjust instructional methods and materials and, therefore, better provide for students’ instructional needs. Take a look at the 5 elements of data-driven instruction: