Monthly Message from NCEA President – July 2015


On July 1, NCEA started a new year of operation as a restructured organization. Our new team-based approach to serving our members will fulfill our mission to Lead, Learn and Proclaim.

Principals, presidents, pastors, superintendents and governing bodies will now be served by our Leadership Team. Teachers will receive resources and professional development opportunities from the Professional Development Team. The good news story of Catholic schools will be proclaimed by our Marketing Communications Team.

In the months ahead, you will be hearing much more from the new NCEA staff as we seek to assist you in fulfilling your mission as Catholic school educators. One of the ways we hope to do that is by being in direct communication with teachers. In the past, only the school administrator received NCEA communications. We are making a concerted effort to gather as many teacher email addresses as we can so that the faculty can receive our communications directly.

In the year ahead, you will also see a new website that will be much more user-friendly. It will also have multiple teacher resources available and afford Catholic educators an opportunity to communicate with each other.

All of us at NCEA are looking forward to an exciting new beginning for the school year – and for NCEA!