Why and How is Social Media Marketing Effective

This post was contributed by Ryan Lombardozzi, NCEA Social Media Coordinator.

SM Marketing

Presenter: Jennifer M. Trefelner

Social Media gives Catholic Schools effective and creative avenues to tell their stories, encourage positive discussion, and benefit from online marketing. It is also a useful tool in marketing Catholic schools for image, enrollment and resources.

When i doubt, check with the Pope!

The media helps communication, said Pope Francis.

Tips for Social Media:

  1. Use the analytics built in to social media sites to understand your audience.
  2. Develop action plans to monitor your initiatives to reach your objectives and understand the growth of your sites after each campaign.

Trefelner’s Marketing Mantra is: The consistent delivery of the right message; to the right person; to the right way; at the right time.Learner Outcomes:

  • Recognize social media tools for image building, recruitment, communication and support of development efforts.
  • Comparing the preferences of different school constituent groups and learn the latest social media strategies.
  • Identify and discuss how to reach and engage target markets, and develop a working understanding of the considerations and data to include in a social media strategy.