Legal, Ethical and Faithful Decision-Making

The following article was contributed by Annette Jones, NCEA Assistant Director of Leadership Development.

At the Catholic Leadership Summit in Indianapolis, Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy, J.D., Ph.D., shared nine important steps for legal, ethical, and faithful decision-making process with diocesan leaders.

  1. Reflect for a few moments before taking any action.
  1. Gather all relevant information.
  1. Seek advice from wise “elders”, as appropriate.
  1. Identify the issues, such as Gospel, Magisterium, Ethical, and/or Legal.
  1. List and consider possible courses of action.
  1. Choose a course of action.
  1. Continue to reflect.
  1. Evaluate efficacy and efficiency.
  1. Always keep confidential what should be kept confidential.

Thank you, Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy, for sharing these essential guidelines for leaders in the Catholic schools throughout the country.