From Manuscript to Book

Manuscript to Book

At the NCEA 2017 Convention & Expo in St. Louis, there were 11 new book titles suited for teachers, principals, administrators, pastors and board members, among others.  The topics range from Running A Smooth Financial Operation to The Religion Teacher’s Handbook to 500 Plus Ways to Teach Prayer.  The journey from an idea to a manuscript to a book can be a long one – usually several months – but the goal is always to meet the needs of NCEA members.

U.S. Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools 2016 – 2017: The Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment and Staffing

The latest edition highlights information about schools, enrollment and staffing patterns for Catholic elementary and secondary schools. By Dale McDonald, PBVM, Ph.D. and Margaret M. Schultz.

Running a Smooth Financial Operation in the Catholic Grade School or High School

Get the tools necessary to manage the financial resources of your elementary or high school. This book provides benchmarks, best practices, facts and figures and many other resources to start a conversation at the administrative, committee and board levels. By David Gervasio

Know No Children of a Lesser God

This book is a practical guide for any religious educator with a student facing challenges in school and in life.  It also is for the student experiencing the everyday frustrations and fears of being identified as and feeling “different.” By Ellen M. E. Wedemeyer, Ed.D., MBA, MT-BC.

The Religion Teacher’s Handbook: A Primer on the Vocation of Teaching Catholic High School Religion

All Catholic school teachers are called to be evangelists and catechists.  Religion teachers have a special duty to teach religion systematically in a classroom. This book is meant to be a handbook or guidebook with practical elements of teaching and sample lesson plans and projects. By Tim Mueting

Best Practices of National Blue Ribbon Schools: A Collection from Distinguished Catholic Schools

Of the 50 private schools recognized each year as National Blue Ribbon Schools, 75 percent of them are Catholic schools.  These are the stories of many of the award-winning schools and the best practices that define them.  Learn marketing strategies that can highlight a school’s academic success as well as its strong faith formation and make it a centerpiece of the community. By Annette Jones, Ed.S. and Gabrielle Gallagher.

Catholic Schools and Volunteers: A Planned Involvement

Belief in the integral part school volunteers can play in a faith community is important for every Catholic school.  Drawing volunteers from within the Catholic school community is just the beginning to form a successful, interconnected group with clear goals and a path to reach them. This book helps you do just that. By Janis Tedesco Haswell, Ph.D.

Pray and Practice with Purpose: A Playbook for the Spiritual Development of Athletes

This book equips athletes, coaches and teams with the resources to achieve success in spiritual formation. Through prayer and practice with purpose, sports and spirituality can become a valuable component of a team’s culture and routine. By Anne Stricherz.

School Handbooks: Legal Considerations

Handbooks continue to be an indispensable aid in the realization of the Catholic school’s mission and ministry. This revised edition helps administrators understand that it is no longer sufficient to be able to defend what one has done; now one must give reasons for policies and procedures before actions are taken. By Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph.D.

500 Plus Ways to Teach Prayer for Students of All Ages

Teachers of all grade levels from preschool grades through high school will find this book a treasure trove of ideas on how to teach prayer. Topics include what prayer is, the many forms of prayer, how best to pray, and obstacles to prayer. By Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND.

Discipline Made Easy: Tips and Techniques for Catholic School Teachers and Catechists

This book is ideal for both new and experienced teachers at all grade levels, for Catholic school teachers and for catechists at a parish school of religion. The author gives specific tips on what to say and do, illustrated by examples and strategies culled from her years of teaching. By Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND.

The Joy of Adolescent Catechesis

A partnership publication with The National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis, the National Conference on Catechetical Leadership, the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry and NCEA. The Joy of Adolescent Catechesis was written to inspire and challenge those who participate in the ministry of adolescent catechesis.  The document discusses the joys and challenges of forming young disciples and empowering them to authentically encounter the person of Jesus Christ through their experience of the Catholic faith.  By the Partnership on Adolescent Catechesis.

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