NCEA Monthly Feature School: St. Agnes Academy in Houston, TX

At St. Agnes Academy, we are driven and energized by our bold vision to provide a transformational experience for the young women of Houston, one where they develop tools and voices to change the world. Over the past 109 years, it has taken the time, talent, vision, dedication, creativity, and generosity of many to provide the rich environment that turns this lofty vision into a reality.

As we chart the course for our bright future, it is once again time to improve our campus home. The Student Life Center is the most ambitious initiative in the history of the school. While we have many campus needs and wants, the Board of Directors and our community have strategically identified the following priorities for our next project.

Rooted in the Dominican tradition, St. Agnes Academy provides a Catholic college preparatory education that encourages young women to develop intellectual curiosity, to work for social justice and to act with integrity and compassion.

Upon completion of a St. Agnes education, a graduate will embody the following.

A St. Agnes Graduate…

  • witnesses Gospel values and lives veritas through word and deed;
  • recognizes her Dominican heritage and incorporates prayer into her daily life;
  • demonstrates intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and a dedication to life-long learning;
  • embraces diversity and champions the marginalized in society;
  • confidently assumes personal leadership and acts with integrity and compassion;
  • recognizes her interconnectedness with Earth and embraces her responsibilities for the children of all species;
  • celebrates life in a joyful, optimistic and productive manner;
  • has a deep commitment to social justice and making a difference in the world.