Student to Student: A Catholic School Response to Hurricane Harvey

The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is beginning a campaign in solidarity with our Catholic school families throughout the country as we seek to help Catholic schools in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.  NCEA invites every Catholic school family to contribute at least $1 per student to this national drive.

These funds will be used to help Catholic schools impacted by the storm rebuild, reopen and re-enroll students. The number of affected Catholic schools is still being determined, but more than 150 Catholic schools are in the storm’s path.

NCEA President/CEO Thomas Burnford said, Our hearts and prayers are with our Catholic schools and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In keeping with our mission to serve others, we hope this campaign will help Catholic schools facing recovery and rebuilding.

To make a donation or for more information about this campaign, please visit the Student to Student campaign page on the NCEA website.

There are more than 6,420 Catholic schools in the United States with nearly 1.9 million students.

Thank you again for support and prayers.

NCEA will distribute 100% of the funds collected to dioceses in the affected areas for their Catholic schools in vital need of support due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Individual donations can be made online.