Catholic School Matters Top 5

I’m launching the Church Documents podcast series and I blog about that AND I included a video preview of the series. I hope you consider joining us on this 13 week learning journey.

Fresh off the Catholic Leadership Summit, I’m developing some new themes for the next few months. I’d like to spotlight a few articles from this week’s newsletter that support these new ideas:

1. The first article in the American Catholic news section talks about the successes of the Josephinum School in Chicago. It’s a great example of finding the positives in your school and crafting your own story. If you don’t tell it, someone else will!

2. The second story comes from Missoula, Montana. Loyola Sacred Heart High School’s service program is featured. We heard last week that community service programs are an important factor for Catholic parents. Articulating the kinds of programs and the benefits to the community will drive enrollment.

3. I’ve heard about just war more in the last two months than in the last two years. I think it’s partly because many people are worried about the outbreak of war. But I’ve also heard it crop up in relation to Pope Francis’s recent condemnation of the death penalty. I’ve included two articles about the “battle over just war.” The market research testifies to a lack of clarity about what exactly the Church teaches. This is an area deserving of our attention.

4. To that same end, US Catholic offered a couple of great articles for your reflection. The first on the “culture of winning” explores whether that idea syncs with our Gospel values. The second takes on the tax cut proposal and whether that can be supported by Catholic teaching.

5. The first article in the leadership section explores the benefits of solitude. Harry Kraemer, the keynote speaker at the CLS (who I also featured on the podcast), spoke of the value of reflection. This article highlights the value of spending time alone.

Have a great week!