Catholic School Matters Top Five

This week’s issue focuses on school shooting—understanding the phenomenon, tips for making schools safer physically and emotionally, and examining gun control legislation.  My top 5:

  1. The Daily” podcast from March 5th from the NY Times.  It’s a heartbreaking but incredibly insightful 20 minute podcast with Parkland survivors.
  2. Jessica Lahey (author of Gift of Failure and former podcast guest) wrote a moving piece in the Washington Post “As a Teacher, I Always Worry About My Students.  School Shootings Bring on new Nightmares”  An important piece to understand the stressors on teachers and administrators in light of recent events.
  3. How Can We Stop School Shootings?  Secret Service has Some Ideas” from CBS News was the best piece with recommendations for changes in school procedures.
  4. Jennifer Gonzalez of “Cult of Pedagogy” fame, offers an Overview of Restorative Justice  The insight is that if we can give our students voice and build connections with students, they will become emotionally safer.
  5. Gun Control is a Pro-Life Issue, says America Magazine.  This will be a challenging piece for those who have “pro-life” and “don’t take my guns” bumper stickers.  The Church challenges us to advocate for a seamless ethic of life.

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I hope you take the time to read a few articles and I hope they make a difference.  Have a great week!