Creating a Positive School Climate

The following blog was contributed by Chyrise King, Ph.D., who will be presenting “Creating a Positive School Climate” at the 2019 NCEA Institute for Catholic School Leaders (ICSL 2019), July 14-17 in Indianapolis. REGISTER NOW!

ICSL 2019 is an engaging professional development opportunity for principals, aspiring principals, presidents, diocesan leaders, pastors, and board members. The preliminary program can be reviewed at

A positive school climate benefits every person and every aspect of a school community. You have most likely read books and articles on the subject; however, the topic can seem a bit overwhelming. In addition to being overwhelming, you may not think you have the capability, you may not see how you can fit anything else into your schedule; or know where to begin.

The reality is you influence the climate in your school, and you have the power to change it. You really do!

A positive school climate impacts student learning, teacher satisfaction, parent satisfaction, stakeholder satisfaction, enrollment, retention, advancement, and more. What else can you think of that has such a broad impact?

During my session, we will define positive school climate and examine the impact it has on schools. Then, we will review behaviors and practices you can implement upon your return. These activities are neither complicated nor overwhelming; however, they will have a positive impact on your school climate almost immediately.

You will leave this session feeling empowered and equipped to improve your school climate.