Weekly Round Up — 3/6/2015

Didn’t have the chance to check in with NCEA Talk each day? We’ve got you covered. Each Friday NCEA Talk will post a round up of Catholic education news and resources from the week.

In case you missed it…

Monday Morning Meeting – Share your knowledge and resources with your Catholic school educators across the country by emailing nceatalk@ncea.org. This week’s question – for diocesan leaders: Has your diocese developed a Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment strategy that integrates and shares data from a student information system, a curriculum mapping tool, a curriculum delivery tool, and assessments for data-driven decision-making and curriculum evaluation? Does your diocese use a data warehouse and analytic software for the collection, storage, and reporting of data?  If so, what data warehouse and analytic tool are you using? Do your diocese have a data team as part of their education department?  If so, what is the size of the data team?

LEAD: Leadership Succession Planning Webinar

LEARN: The Mission of Catholic Schools for the World – Keynote at NCEA 2015

PROCLAIM: NCEA 2015 Award Winners In The News