NCEA Monthly Feature School: St. Gregory the Great School


St. Gregory the Great School fosters a caring , Catholic Christian environment which provides a faith community and a challenging curriculum. As a result each student will recognize their abilities and be prepared to take on a positive role in their society.


Our goal is to partner with families to provide a welcoming and peaceful school environment with high academic expectations and positive student behavior.  At St. Gregory the Great School, teachers and staff are purposeful and intentional in our work to create a safe and supportive environment for all. We are built upon the school-wide expectations of becoming Faith-filled Catholics, Responsible Citizens, Effective Communicators, Academically Prepared and Physically Aware.


Our staff believes in the direct instruction, modeling and ongoing practice of expected behaviors and attitudes for learning within our school. We have an expectation for consistency across all classrooms and grade levels in this area. Working together, we actively and explicitly promote a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. 


We offer a variety of experiences for our students, because we believe in educating the Whole Child.

  • Athletics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Drama
  • Robotics Team (Regional Champions)
  • Art

St. Gregory the Great School provides our students with a quality education that integrates Gospel values. Through our holistic approach to education we are able to nurture a solid foundation in the spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, physical and artistic development of each student in a Christ-centered environment.

As educators of St. Gregory the Great, it is our responsibility to embrace and adhere to the five-fold purpose of Catholic education: the teaching of doctrine, the call to worship, the promotion of scholastic excellence, the building of community, and the fostering of service. Through a variety of teaching styles, our curriculum promotes analytical thinking and a stimulating spiritual environment in which our students feel secure and loved.

We recognize the importance of parents as the primary educators of their children with the responsibility of assisting their children in realizing their purpose and potential in life. The faculty will strive to enhance the parental responsibility of guiding the students to achieve greater degrees of self-realization, self-acceptance, and the awareness of obligations toward God and their fellow human beings.

Our goal for St. Gregory the Great students is that they become morally-self-disciplined citizens and active participants in their faith community.