Reflections on Catholic School Leadership, Governance, and Strategy

The following article is Robert A. Regan, Senior Search Consultant and Catholic Practice Leader at Carney, Sandoe & Associates.

I am pleased to share my new monograph entitled, “Reflections on Catholic School Leadership, Governance, and Strategy.”  This is a collection of some of my more popular blogs and articles of the past few years, which we decided to aggregate in response to the increasing popularity of these collegial writings.

Popular titles include:

  • Blessings: Of Grace and Catholic School Leadership
  • Effective Catholic School Leadership: 5 Essential Attributes
  • The 22% Factor: Hard Choices for Catholic Schools
  • Catholic Schools in America: A Unique Value Propisition
  • Fundraiser vs. Institution Builder: A Preferred Leadership Profile for Catholic Schools
  • The Path a Search Takes
  • The President/Principal Model in Catholic Schools: Getting it Right
  • Vetting the Faith Component: A Process of Discovery and Discernment

New articles and reflections will be added to the collection as they are released. You may also download a PDF version by visiting the Catholic Schools Practice section of the Carney, Sandoe & Associates website. This could be an ideal source of relevant and provocative information for board retreats and strategic sessions involving your senior leadership team.

This is a joyful work in progress, and we are truly honored to be learning together.

Please keep sharing your ideas and feedback. They are most welcome!

About Bob Regan

A Boston native, Bob Regan attended Catholic schools before launching a career that would ultimately take him to boarding school teaching, coaching, and house mastering, and then to the corporate world where he became a global marketing director for a Fortune-40 company. He was then recruited to become President and CEO of a prominent corporate college in the financial services space, a position he held for 21 years. Following his corporate college presidency, Bob followed his passion for equity and inclusion and served as Interim President for a struggling urban college, co-founder of a university freshman program for inner city students not yet college ready, and President of a Catholic school. Bob joined Carney, Sandoe & Associates in 2012 where he founded and currently oversees the firm’s Catholic Schools Practice. Bob has conducted more than 30 leadership searches for Catholic school and Arch/diocese. He is one of the most sought after search executives in the Catholic schools space and believes the search process is not just about finding great leaders for worthy institutions -that’s a given- but providing ongoing counsel to governing boards eager to improve their practices and take their schools to the next level. In some respects, “the going becomes the goal” in many of the successful leadership searches that Bob conducts.