Dr. Tim Uhl’s Top 5

This issue is a collection of articles I came across on the American Catholic church I came across this summer.  It’s by no means comprehensive, instead serving as a sample of the issues in and around American Catholic schools.  I’ve also included 5 articles about teaching tolerance and fighting hate in the classroom because it’s so timely.

The top 5:

  1. The profiles of two superb Catholic administrators (and future podcast guests) are worth celebrating. RaeNell Houston and Phyllis Cavallone demonstrate heart, courage, faith, and leadership.
  2. The Q & A with Sr. Erica Jordan, the Sinsinawa Dominican who challenged Paul Ryan on his adherence to Catholic social and seemingly channels the words of Pope Francis in “Joy of the Gospel.”
  3. I included three resources for understanding the Trinity Lutheran court case. It’s potentially a landmark case which could damage Blaine amendments (which limit state government’s ability to help Catholic school students).
  4. I’ve included a comprehensive section on the opening and closing of Catholic schools. We have impressive new schools opening in Kansas City, Boise, and Billings.  Read all about it!
  5. As I mentioned, I included 5 resources for teachers to confront the issues of hate and racism. It’s where our students are at—and Pope Francis is calling us to meet people where they are.

It looks like Sacred Heart Elementary in Rockport survived the storm with only minor damage (so far).  Let’s keep our eyes on the unfolding situation in Texas and find ways to aid the recovery efforts.  Sometimes asking our students to adopt a sister Catholic school makes the situation more real.

Have a great week!