NCEA Monthly Feature School: St. Louis Catholic School in Louisville, CO

St. Louis Catholic School in Louisville, Colorado is a friendly little school proud to be located in the No. 1 rated small town in the U.S.! Celebrating 110 years of academic excellence, St. Louis is the little school with the BIG heart. St. Louis Catholic School provides a solid academic foundation, but also believes in the importance of making our children good Catholics and drawing our children closer to Christ. Our students strive to exemplify Christ in our classrooms and beyond. They attend weekly Mass, pray daily, and seek and perform service projects throughout the community. We honor the Saints with special activities and make plastic rosaries to distribute to babies and the elderly. St. Louis students look for ways to show their faith every day, in all aspects of life.

St. Louis provides a values-based education. Our class sizes are small and we take pride in knowing each students’ needs. Our Early Learning Center emphasizes academic and spiritual development for children ages 3-5 and the K-8 program offers core education curriculum, along with extra-curricular activities such as music, band, art, technology, Spanish, sports and clubs.  On average, St. Louis students test two years above grade level on national exams, and our graduates consistently achieve high honors in high school.  We are accredited by the North Central Association and have an integrated, challenging curriculum including middle school electives.  Our students participate and excel in academic competitions at the regional, state and archdiocesan levels and we have an active student council.

What makes us different from other Catholic schools?

Our principal.  Mrs. Kathy Byrnes has been with the Archdiocese of Denver for over 25 years, and she is a woman of faith and vision.  She puts her faith, her students and the school before all else. She treats students, teachers and parents with equal compassion and respect. A firm, yet gentle woman, she has a keen mind and is blessed with a sense of knowing how to motivate and encourage others.

We may be a small school, but we best represent Catholic education with our model of faith, joy, and unity. You could say we are like every other Catholic school in that we all strive to offer the best, most quality religious instruction integrated into the overall education of our students, but St. Louis offers more than that. There’s a sense of family here. A sense of unity, pride and a sensitivity to all people who walk through our doors. We are blessed to be a part of this large Archdiocese of Denver, but the hope is that we never lose that small, caring atmosphere we call St. Louis.