Teach to Lead Teacher Leadership Summit

Teach to Lead will be hosting the 14th Teacher Leadership Summit in Austin, TX, September, 22-24 2017.  The Austin Teacher Leadership Summit will bring teacher leaders and other stakeholders together to collaborate, problem solve, and develop action plans to implement their ideas on ways to improve schooling for the benefit of students. Teams must include at least one practicing classroom teacher and use teacher leadership as a vehicle for addressing needs; although idea submissions can address any perceived area of concern.

Idea Submissions

Ideas can focus on addressing any area of need or problem in schools identified by a team.  However, all submissions MUST:

  • Allow for teachers to lead without leaving the classroom and utilize their professional experience and expertise.
  • Leverage collaboration among multiple stakeholders.
  • Consider viability of the local context and sustainability over time.
  • Demonstrate potential for measurable progress over time.
  • Focus on change at the school, district, state, or national level.

Ideas may be functioning at any stage of development. For example:

  • An emerging idea requiring input and/or buy-in from stakeholders;
  • A recently launched idea being developed in collaboration with recruited stakeholders; or
  • A mature idea that has been implemented and is ripe for improvement or expansion.


The application to submit ideas for the Austin Teacher Leadership Summit is open from now until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on August 9, 2017. To apply, visit the Teach to Lead application portal on Survey Monkey.

Participant Benefits

All participants at the Teacher Leadership Summit will:

  • Receive the time and space to collaborate and develop ideas in order to put them into action
  • Obtain the support and expertise of a dedicated “critical friend” from a supporting organization to help advance proposed work
  • Build relationships with Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), National Board, the United States Department of Education and many other supporting organizations
  • Receive:
    • Free registration
    • Some meals during the Summit
    • Hotel accommodations for two nights or parking (NOTE: Hotel is provided free of charge for teams traveling more than 50 miles; parking is provided for teams traveling 50 miles or fewer to the Summit.)

Note that air travel and/or ground transportation to and from the summit is the responsibility of the traveler.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact Aman Dhanda via email at aman.dhanda@ascd.org.